All-terrain vehicles SMI

The enterprise has developed and arranged a serial manufacture of SMI all-terrain vehicles available in two modifications with carrying capacity of 3.5 tons and 7.5 tons.

Design features:

  • a unique all-terrain chassis produced by SCAM company (Italy);
  • fiberglass-plastic cab;
  • the use of self-designed electronic vehicle control system based on universal CAN bus.

Industrial design and engineering are made by our own design-engineering office in accordance with UNECE rules and regulations. The vehicle is certified for the use on public highways.

Main characteristics SMI 334S10


Wheel arrangement 4х4
Engine CUMMINS 2.8 D Euro-3 (Euro-5)
Engine power, h.p. 120
Maximum speed,  km/h 120
Curb weight, kg 3050
Total weight, kg 5500

Number of seats, persons:

- single cab

- doubled cab


up to 3

up to 7

Fuel tank capacity, l. 100
Length/width/height 5620х2000х2350


Composite materials
Mechanical engineering
Water transport
Instrument engineering
Making stone products